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The Beginning…

Since this is the first post on a new blog, I think it makes sense to provide a brief history of its origin and cast a little vision for its future…

This blog came about as I was searching online for current stories of adventurous people that are doing unique and amazing things – the kind of inspiring stories that make you want to jump in and take part, or that just leave you hopeful for the world. After hours of dead end, cliche search results, I realized there was a good chance that what I was looking for did not exist. Of course, there are millions of great stories out there, but I don’t know of any one place that brings them together well. It’s my hope this blog solves that problem. 

So in the posts to come, I will be sharing stories of people, projects and organizations that are engaging in Purposeful Adventures – risky endeavors with uncertain outcomes full of meaning and significance. But I need your help if this is going to be awesome. I need you to share Purposeful Adventure stories of your own – ones you’re involved in or just know about. Sound like a deal? Let’s get to work.


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