Purposeful Adventure (n): a risky endeavor with an uncertain outcome full of meaning and significance.

This blog is dedicated to all things Purposeful Adventure . Here, you’ll be able to learn about people and organizations that are venturing out to do something both daring and significant – positively impacting the world as they go. That may include a recent college grad who signs up for Teach For America and spends two years working in inner city schools to help end educational inequity in the United States. Or an organization like TOMS Shoes who gives a pair of shoes away to a child in need for every pair sold. Both are great examples of people and organizations engaging in Purposeful Adventures. 

So as we come across Purposeful Adventures, big and small, we’ll be sure to post them here. More importantly, we want to invite any of you out there to share your own Purposeful Adventure with us. So whether you’re adventuring in your own neighborhood or across the globe, this is a place for your story to be shared. 

The writers of this blog are Joel Christensen and Chris Gordon  from Down The Road. In 2007, along with Cody Shirk, they launched a documentary film project that included a three-month journey through Latin America. The film asked the question: Is there merit in Escaping Comfort, Going to Give, being Ready to Receive, and Sharing the Story?? After returning from the trip and crafting 90 hours of footage into a 50 minute documentary, the filmmakers convincingly answer this question with a loud and resounding: YES!… and thus, the concept of Purposeful Adventure was born. Chris and Joel are now pioneering the effort to engage more people and organizations in Purposeful Adventures as they continue to go Down The Road.


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